Dear White Male Fathers, Uncles and Brothers: Please Help the Children

By Deb Dagit, Deb Dagit DiversityImmigrant Children Detained 3-04-2016_8-17-15_am

The tragic and despicable treatment of migrant children as described by many journalists in articles like this one in the NY Times  is heartbreaking and infuriating.

The outcry from those of us who are suffering from various other harmful recently enacted government policies and practices has not stopped these traumatizing separations, if anything, the situation has gotten much worse.

I have had the great pleasure of working alongside many caring and kind white men who have lead with great compassion, wisdom and courage, and I know many are speaking out as well.  I am asking you to do more.

As you know, you are the only constituents that the current administration and Congress listens to.  Your letters, calls, protests, social media posts and any other actions you can think of are desperately needed.  As Fathers, Uncles and Brothers you are devoted to protecting and loving the children in your life.  You would do anything for them.  Please take that powerful passionate energy and direct it with any privilege and influence you have with all the fierceness and focus you bring when your kids are in harms way or mistreated.

Richard T. Clark.  Bill Proudman.  Greg Jenkins.  Admiral Mike Mullen.  Lewis Griggs.  Bill Gates.  Warren Buffett.  Elon Musk.  Richard Branson… and all of the many millions of other smart, hard-working, and fierce Fathers out there, this is a crisis and we need you.

As the Steven Spielberg created Yoda would say: “There is no try, only do.”  Call upon your friends and colleagues, together, you can stop this madness faster than anyone else.

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